Nancy’s pilates classes have changed my life and allowed me to continue with my athletic pursuits.  I have been active all my life, but as I’ve aged I’ve had to cut down on many of my activities, especially running.  My lower back was becoming more and more of a problem and limiting my abiity to workout.  After participating in Nancy’s pilates classes I have found that I have been able to increase my running and other activities.  My core strength has dramatically improved.  With a stronger core, and  by applying pilates form into my acctivities I have eliminated my nagging lower back issues.     I can apply  the techniques Nancy has taught me in the classroom to all my activities — to be more efficient in my running, swimming, lifting and all my life activities. I feel stronger , lighter,  more balance and lengthened. Pilates is a way of life — give it a try; you’ll be amazed at how it can improve your life.

Lyn Durand

“I love the whole idea of being strong and with my German muscular structure, I have a tendency to bulk up the major muscle groups which has allowed the little intrinsic muscles that help keep us in alignment, like my back, to weaken.  Pilates was promoted as a “strengthening and lengthing” form of exercise by my masseuse, as he was from Belgium and saw my muscular structure could be transformed through Pilates by lengthening my major muscles groups and strengthening the little muscles that were getting lazy from the major muscles doing all the work.  Since my 1+ year of private, and now class instruction, my whole posture has changed.  The midsection of my body feels so strong and elongated, and I feel I will never have glitches again with my back given the deep strength I have developed.  Although I know I still have a long way to go for complete connectedness, I definitely am convinced that this is exactly what I need as I approach my 60’s so I can ski well into my 90’s.”


“I’ve been very active and athletic for over 40 years, and my biggest regret is NOT starting pilates sooner.  Since starting Nancy’s pilates classes 2 years ago, I’ve gotten stronger and no longer have to go to the doctor and the PT for lower back, hip, shoulder, neck aches.  I attribute this to self healing by attending Nancy’s pilates classes 2-3 times weekly.  I still work out intensely, but with pilates I have a stronger core and the ability to re-align my body.”

 Leanne Smith (advanced osteoarthritis, replaced hip and knee, and degenerative spinal disorders)

I started doing Pilates about a year and a half ago at age 58.  Best thing I could ever have done!  I am stronger, more flexible and have experienced much less lower back pain.  I love doing pilates with Nancy and Ashleigh!  Their personal attention to each client makes you feel confident and encouraged.  They have helped me improve my balance and posture for everything I do day-in and day-out!  Pilates has even helped me have a better “connection” riding my horse!  Truly a life transforming way to a better body!


I had a good year on the field, felt stronger and more agile than I have in years, and ended up injury free so my Pilates sessions with Ashleigh were GREAT in my book!

Marques    NFL Quarterback

As someone that has never found a form of exercise that I liked or would stick to, having Ashleigh as my Pilates instructor has been life altering. Because of my body type, I’m a prime candidate for osteoporosis. I knew that I needed to do some form of exercise, but I hate running, can’t swim & don’t have the personal fortitude to exercise on my own, especially when I don’t want to or am tired.

 My criteria for starting Pilates with Ashleigh were:

  • I wanted to strengthen my right knee that was injured
  • I wanted to increase my flexibility—I couldn’t even touch my ankles much less touch my toes
  • I wanted to increase my overall strength & feeling of well being
  • I wanted to look forward to doing it; instead feeling like it was good for me but a drag to do

It had to be fun

All of these criteria has been met and exceeded beyond my wildest dreams.

My right knee is so strong that I can do anything I want to. I have returned to taking long walks, bike riding & not limping or favoring it—check!

I can not only touch my toes, but can touch the floor in front of my toes—that is a miracle for I have NEVER been flexible—check!

 My overall strength amazes me—I lifted my suitcase into the overhead bin on my last flight & didn’t have to ask for help—check!

 My sense of well being is life altering—I feel healthy & younger than I ever have—I stand up taller, walk with ease & know that I’m adding years to my life instead of getting older—check!

 If I have to miss a session because of business travel I hate it—I look forward to my sessions & make my schedule work around them instead of the opposite—check!

 I love Ashleigh as my coach—we laugh, share our lives & stories. She is sensitive, committed, warm, tough, funny, & knowledgeable all wrapped into one. I consider it a privilege to be her client. She has a natural gift of sharing her Pilates expertise such that not only are the physical results amazing, but she does it in such a way that I totally respect & will do anything she asks me to do. She is an incredible human being & I’m honored to have her as my instructor. My life will never be the same.  

 Karen       Certified Financial Planner

Pilates has helped me to connect more with my inner self while also connecting physically with my inner core.   I feel more balanced, centered and peaceful after I participate in a class.   I have also noticed a change in my body.  As I continue the work, I look forward to being even more in touch with my body, mind and spirit.   Nancy is a wonderful teacher who always knows where my body and mind need to go.   She has an intuitive nature to her approach and I feel better just being in her presence.    The new studio is a wonderful peaceful place  just right for the kind of transformations that occur there.   


”After only 2 months at twice a week of practicing Pilates I was pretty surprised when I realized that there had been no recent “tinkle” issues.  You know, that embarrassing issue those of us of a certain age start having with every sneeze, cough or giggle.  As an active, fit woman finding a new solution, that doesn’t involve the elusive Keigle and that I enjoy doing, surprising and so amazing…Thank you In-Joy Pilates!!”