Injection therapy to stimulate healing, digestion, and general wellbeing.

Also known as Biomesotherapy, biopuncture is an excellent treatment for acute or chronic pain, digestive function, to promote healing, and for general wellbeing.

mesotherapy biopuncture needle

In addition, it also serves to strengthen weakened organ systems and promotes detoxification.    It involves injecting into specific trigger points and acupuncture points.  It is a widely practiced therapy in Europe, and is very popular with elite athletes in some sports as it can often have dramatic results in terms of speed of healing and pain control.  The needles are very small – about the width of an acupuncture needle – and the treatment takes about 15-20 minutes.  Pain reduction or resolution can be experienced after the first treatment, but for chronic conditions it can take a few treatments.

Dr Jacobi often uses Biopuncture to address aspects of weakened digestion and elimination.

Biopuncture appointments

  • First appointment with Dr Jacobi - 1 hour (includes injections)
  • Follow ups with injections - 15 minutes