Appointments with Biome Practitioners are available in person, phone, or via Skype .

Length = one hour.  

A thorough case taking during your first appointment takes into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle to find clues as to what are the contributing factors to your health condition.


  • Comprehensive case review
    • Reviews your completed questionnaires to assess all manners of your life, including such areas as
      • Sleep
      • Diet
      • Toxicity
  • To hit the ground running, we assess all prior test results and health records (if applicable) you have provided us prior to your first appointment.
  • Ordering of appropriate blood/urine/or stool test (click here for a list of possible tests ordered)
  • Creation of your individualised interim treatment plan to address your most pressing symptoms.
  • Dispensing of herbs, nutritional supplements and therapies, and lifestyle recommendations as indicated, e.g. sleep hygiene, diet adjustments, stress management techniques.

Length = 1 hour.

The second appointment includes a Digestive Health Physical exam and full review of any lab testing ordered.  A comprehensive treatment plan is reviewed.


  • Review any labs that have been ordered
  • Physical exam focussing primarily on digestive tract (for in person consultations only).
  • QRA is a kinesiology technique that is often utilised by Dr Jacobi during her physical exams.
  • Detailed treatment plan.

Referral to other appropriate supportive therapies, either within The Biome Clinic or to external practitioners affiliated with The Biome Clinic as indicated. Examples include:

  • Biome Nutritional Assessment appointment
  • Counselling
  • Stress management techniques
  • Neuroptimal brain training

The Biome Clinic operates on CHARM electronic health records- an online portal for your health records, test results, treatment plans and messaging communication with our team.

Please note: Physical exams not available with Skype appointments

Third appointment and onward are 30-45 minutes duration.