What is the link  between the nervous system and the digestive system? Being in a continual state of stress takes valuable resources away from your enteric nervous system which is responsible for managing your digestion.  So, the rule is to ‘rest and digest’ so that your digestive system is fully supported to do its job.

Did you know, as little five minutes of relaxation each day can make a world of difference to how your body holds stress?

Woman relaxing Stress Management

During a stress management session we will discuss your lifestyle and different approaches to stress management.

Tools may include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Hypnosis
  • Guided meditation and other meditation techniques (no, it’s not just about sitting in a lotus position)
  • Movement meditation
  • Heartmath (inner balance device)
  • Guided meditation apps

An individual stress management plan will be designed for you during the session and ongoing support will be available to assist you to integrate these new approaches into your life.