Christian Families


The Survival Skills for Healthy Christian Families is a highly interactive curriculum that provides a framework based on a biblical worldview and Scripture to strengthen Christian families and provide them with skills and practice for living what they believe. The curriculum is flexible and is arranged so that instructors can adapt the full series, individual sessions, or a combination of sessions to specific groups and situations as needed.

Session 1: Parents in Healthy Families

Together, family members review Scripture and learn and practice patterns and skills that healthy Christian families need. Parents improve their leadership, modeling, and nurturing skills.

Session 2: Children in Healthy Christian Families

Together with their parents, children and teens learn how understanding who they are “in Christ” leads to healthy self-respect and confidence. Children and teens learn and practice conflict resolution skills and skills for talking with their parents.

Session 3: Couples in Healthy Christian Families

This session is for couples, individual adults, and older teens. Participants review what Scripture teaches about marriage and learn how Commitment, Cooperation, and Connection play important roles in adult relationships. Participants practice the skills necessary for a healthy marriage and other healthy adult relationships.

Session 4: As Children Grow: Change in Healthy Christian Families

Together, families learn how to use their skills for negotiating both expected and unexpected changes in family life and how to depend on God through important changes.

Session 5: Solving Problems in Healthy Christian Families

All families have problems. Together, families review what Scripture has to say about solving problems and practice a step-by-step problem-solving plan.

Session 6: Passing on Your Values to Your Children

Parents and children examine and discuss some of their family values and practice using their skills to talk with one another about important, and sometimes difficult, topics. Families learn how to use Scripture to help them as they determine their values.

For information on training to become a Certified Instructor for this curriculum, please contact Family Wellness Associates.